Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease is characterized by the disturbing sensation of crawling, stinging, and biting just under a person’s skin, as well as, in some cases, non-healing skin lesions. The lesions manifest highly unusual structures, described as fiber-like or filamentous, and are the most striking feature of this disease. Medical Science states that there is no known cause or cure.

We here at Terrapin Therapy have found that our clients who test for Morgellons also test for a latent Chicken Pox infection and an allergy to Cochineal/Carminic acid food coloring. We are not saying that the combination of Chicken Pox and Cochineal/Carminic acid food coloring is the cause of Morgellons. However, those clients energectically cleared of those aspects do find that their Morgellons will subside.

Cochineal/Carminic acid food coloring is in many food items, including some sodas and candies, in some yogurts. And yes, it is indeed produced by the smashed bodies of adult beetles. If you google Cochineal, you’ll see this from the Wikipedia site:
“The juvenile beetles move to a feeding spot and produce long filaments. Later they move to the edge of the cactus pad where the wind catches the wax filaments and carries the cochineals to a new host.”

The filaments produced by the juvenile beetles and the filaments of Morgellons are similar and more than an interesting coincidence. These filaments in humans are epigenetic epidermal growths.

We believe that the Cochineal/Carminic acid food coloring is safe, just as peanuts are safe. However some of us have an allergic reaction to peanuts, some of us to Cochineal/Carminic acid.

Our therapy for Morgellons energectically clears the Chicken Pox pathogen and dismantles the vibrational form of all aspects of the Cochineal beetle, including the filamentations. Like most vibrational therapies, there is no need to be here in person. Therapy is administered to you by way of a spot of your blood that you mail in to us from a pricked finger. The cost of the therapy is $495.00 and will be tailored uniquely to you. We are in Alameda, New Mexico, just south of Santa Fe. Please contact me through this link:
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