the Bicom 2000

Bioresonance therapy uses the body’s own vibrational information to heal itself. Quantum physics states that matter is both particle and wave. Allopathic medicine deals with the particle aspect of the body (a pill is a particle). Bioresonance therapy deals with the wave aspect. Change the wave and you change the body. Identify and cancel the unhealthy vibrations, strengthen the healthy vibrations, and the body now operates at optimal coherence.

This is the computer that receives and processes the body’s vibrational wave information. The BICOM 2000 is programmed to recognize the difference between healthy vibrations and unhealthy vibrations through an aspect of quantum mechanics called Chaos. Healthy vibrations are highly ordered; unhealthy vibrations are entropic. During therapy, the BICOM 2000 picks up all your vibrational information, amplifies the healthy vibrations, inverts or cancels out the unhealthy vibrations, and returns your optimal vibrational wave back to you. Your body hungrily welcomes this wave, absorbs it and heals itself.

It’s been over 100 years since the birth of quantum physics – December 14, 1900, to be exact. Isn’t it time we took advantage of it?
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